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Type of Locks and Where They are Used

Type of Locks and Where They are Used
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Even if you do not have a set of keys in your bag, which is far from possible nowadays as everyone is obsessed with security, you are certainly aware of the different kinds of locks we see today. Movies alone would tell you that. Without a doubt, you already know that the most common of all locks are the ones used on our doors. However, are you aware that door locks are further divided into subtypes? Oh yes. Our locksmith company, in the course of rendering locksmith services over the years, has discovered what these are. Want to know what type is the one you have on your door? Read below.

Wafer and Pin Tumbler Locks

Type of Locks and Where They are UsedThis type of lock contains a set of pins loaded with springs. Each of these pins is further loaded into a small cylinder, the bottom part of which is called a driver. When you insert a key, the springs will start to compress while the driver is pushed further into the cylinder’s upper chamber. If the key inserted is the correct one, the top and bottom pins will align, creating a space between them and further creating a track known as the shear line. Once said line is created, that will enable the key to turn. If what is inserted is the wrong one, the cylinders will misalign, with some blocking the shear line. With this obstruction, the key will not be able to turn and open the lock. As you may have garnered, it will be inconvenient to lose the key for this particular lock. Without this, it will stay closed forever, unless you have said lock rekeyed or have lock replacement service done on it altogether. For other alternatives, you can contact our company for more information.

Side-lock Bar

Another type of lock that you might be familiar with is the side locking bar. This is an advancement and improvement made by Kwikset on the above mentioned wafer and pin tumbler lock. As the latter is too vulnerable to lock picking, this mechanism was devised to beef up security in houses and officers. The technology is patented and it boasts of its design of incorporation steel balls in the key face’s front for better resistance against drilling. Reports indicated that it is also easier to perform lock repair on this type.

There are several other lock types out there. There are tubular locks, mortise locks, rim locks, mechanical locks and of course, electronic locks. Improvements are continually performed on each type to ensure better security for those using them.

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