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Do you know how to avoid lockouts or what to do when the key doesn't lock the door? If you're in need of information regarding keys and locks, take a look at the following answers. Find out what to do in many occasions and how to avoid trouble. Get the best answers to frequently asked questions

Can I remove stuck keys without breaking them?

Lubricants always help according to our specialists. If you spray lubricants in the keyhole, wait for a few minutes and then try moving the key right and left or back and forth as gently as you can. If you use any force, there is a high possibility that the key will break.

How often must I check the locks?

If you open and lock the doors daily, the door locks are actually checked. The only thing you can do is check them in more detail every now and then to make sure they are aligned properly and check whether they need lubrication or repairs. If there are some locks in the house which are hardly used, give the priority to them. Check them every ten days or so to make sure they work alright.

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